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Safety Specialists

Our Safety specialists partners are experts in their field. Whether it’s dealing with general program management, oversite for your company, or needing high-level strategic support. We have you covered. We can help with the following: 


  • Program customization,
  • Management training
  • COR/ ISO Guidance
  • Formal hazard assessment development
  • Site Safety Plans
  • Incident investigations
  • Safety administration and more
HR Specialists

Safety and HR go hand in hand, and our HR Specialist partners have a wide range of services to help you when you need them. We can help with the following:


  • Exit or Stay Interviews
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • Team Building
  • Succession Planning
  • Source Hirings/Interviews
  • Employee Transitions(Terminations, Layoff etc.)
  • Administration and more
Regulatory Specialists

We hope you never have to deal with the government or Insurance and compensation because you have a fully implemented program; you follow it and keep your workers and business safe. But if something goes wrong, we have specialists to help you:


  • WCB/ claims specialists
  • Claim management
  • Return to work programs
  • And more
Business Coaches

Everyone needs a coach and support them or their team. Our coaching partners can help your businesses with a variety of things:


  • Change management
  • Project management training
  • Six sigma implementation
  • Sales Training
  • Lean Training
  • And more
Organizational Psychologists

This is another level of fundamental business operations. An engaged employee is more productive and less likely to leave. Employees are most engaged when they find purpose and fulfillment and feel supported and valued by those around them.  Our Organizational Psychologists partners can help with:


  • Engagement Surveys
  • Engagement Interviews
  • People Analytics
  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching
  • And More

On-Site Consulting

From audits, training, or Incident Investigations we offer a full suite of On-site services. We can even find and place qualified contractors on-site.

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